Emmett Boater Shoes in Khaki

Logan & Roo

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A new style to Logan & Roo are the Emmett Boater shoes. For all the Mummas that wanted a closed toe option for their little guys (or girls) this is perfect for you.

A suede leather upper and white leather surrounds  really adds a fun look to these little shoes. The elastic sides will help get the shoes on your little person until the suede softens but do give it a few wears.

The exciting new feature of a full white rubber sole on our hard sole options is a More durable option for those kids that are a bit rougher on their shoes! 

Sizes and Sole

Please remember to measure your little babes feet before ordering and size range is offered as a guide only

All sizes approximate

Soft Sole

Size 1 (0-3months)


Size 2 (0-6months)


Soft Rubber Sole

Size 3 (6-12months)


Size 4 (12-18months)


Size 5 (18-24months)


Hard Sole


Size 7 (Age 2/3)


Size 9 (Age 3/4)


Size 11 (Age 4/5)


Size 13 (Age 5/6)



*colour may vary slightly from images, approximate sizing refers to the length of the outersole