Sunny Weave Sandals in Navy

Logan & Roo

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The prettiest of sandals are back for Summer!
In our beautiful White, Coffee, a new Pink and a stunning Navy you will instantly love our Sunny Weave Sandals for both your boys and girls. 

* Please note this pink is different from our previous years by a few shades. **

Sizes 0-6 to 18-24 months have a gorgeous cotton edging for a smooth finish whilst all our hard soled sandals have a small heel for extra support. (Photo incoming)



Sizes and Sole

Please remember to measure your little babes feet before ordering and size range is offered as a guide only

All sizes approximate

0-6 months/size 2(11cm) Soft Sole

6-12months/size 3 (11.8cm approx) Rubber Sole

12-18months/size 4 (12.6cm approx) Rubber Sole

18-24months/size 5 (13.4cm approx) Hard Sole

2-3 years/size 7 (15.0 approx) Hard Sole

3-4 years/size 9 (16.6cm approx) Hard Sole

4-5 years/ size 11 (18.2cm approx) Hard Sole

 5-6 years/ size 13 (19.8cm) Hard Sole

6-7 years/ size 1 (21.4cm) Hard Sole

*colour may vary slightly from images, approximate sizing refers to the length of the outersole